Innovative Comfort: A Look at 4EurSole from the Inside Out



In 2016, 4EurSole has evolved a lot as a brand. What started as the 3-in-1 Inspire Me comfort clog has blossomed into the Summer Solestice line of stylish sandals released in March. And coming in September: The Symphony collection, a brand new line of booties, flats, and oxfords that are the perfect compliment to your fall fashion looks.

As a brand, we have a lot of exciting things planned for the next few months. So for this week we’re bringing it back to the basics. We want to show you our footwear from the inside out so you can see what makes them so comfortable, lightweight, and durable! 4EurSole isn’t just comfort shoes or fashion shoes: Each collection is designed with research and innovation to support your busy lifestyle. We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about aching feet OR compromise your sense of style while pursuing your passions.

Summer Solestice Sandals

Summer Solestice Sandals

The 4EurSole Summer Solestice line of sandals is brand new this year. Caitlin Beals, a graduate of industrial design from Ohio University and a Designer/Developer for Durango Boots, also helped design Rocky 4EurSole. The technology that goes into each style is extensive, explains Caitlin: “We have an amazing comfort and support system built in to each sandal with features such as a dual density EVA/cork and a footbed that contours to your foot.  It includes an arch stabilizing disk with added memory foam on top for extra comfort.  The midsole is a lightweight EVA that is super flexible and moves with you every step…The footbed alone has layers to keep women on the go comfortable all day.”

Take a look inside! Here’s the features of these sandals that make them so revolutionary:

Sandal Comfort Story

Individual styles of the Summer Solestice sandals also have special features. Some of the wedge sandals, such as Splendor and Set Free, have a security strap system.  The strap goes through the opening in the heel, providing a secure fit that reduces heel slippage. You can tighten or loosen the adjustable straps on all of our sandals to fit many different feet.



Our Set Free style also features an easy-fasten buckle. Instead of re-buckling the strap each time you want to take the shoes on and off, you can simply unhook the buckle instead. Just hook the strap back together when you’re ready to wear them again! It’s an easy, innovative detail that can save you time and patience on your way out the door.

Easy-fasten strap

The Summer Solestice collection has a wide variety of sandal shapes and colors, as well as many styles featuring on-trend looks with denim, hemp, and more. Caitlin believes you shouldn’t have to choose between fashion and comfort: “I love that we can offer a great comfort story without sacrificing the look. We provide a very feminine, flattering toe shape and fashionable silhouettes and materials.”

Some of these styles in new colors, as well as the addition of a flat sandal, will be introduced along with other fun new styles for the Summer Solestice collection update in Spring ’17! You can view all the current styles available now here.

Inspire Me Clogs

3-in-1 clog

The Inspire Me clog collection was the outcome of a large research project that focused on discovering what woman want from their footwear, concentrated mainly on working women in the healthcare industry. The results of this study showed that the top feature women look for in an occupational shoe is comfort. Sometimes these women work extremely long shifts where they’re always on their feet. They need comfortable shoes to support them while they pursue their passion to help others: That’s where the idea for the 4EurSole clog was born.

While some women like wearing an open-backed clog, many others prefer the security of a heel when on the job. We wanted to give women both of these options and more with the Inspire Me clogs. They come with two separate memory foam insoles, one with an attached soft heel and one that is backless, that can be easily swapped out for different looks. The strap can also be adjusted to function as a sling-back, allowing you to wear the clog three different ways.

The thick memory foam layer forms to your feet, making them the perfect choice for long days on the go. They are lightweight, slip-resistant, include a toe cap for added durability, and made with real quality leather for all styles. Here’s a look at these features up close:

Clog comfort story

While these clogs are inspired by women in the healthcare industry, there are many other women on their feet for long hours at a time! With teachers, beauticians, busy moms, and all purpose-driven women in mind, we expanded this style to include clogs with many uppers featuring patent leather, smooth leather, studded leather, western-embellished, and nubuck in many fun colors and patterns!

nurse wearing 4EurSole Teacher wearing 4EurSole Woman wearing 4EurSole

Different clog styles

With so many different styles, there is a perfect Inspire Me clog for every woman! Since each pair comes with two footbeds that can be worn 3 ways, the shoe is an ever changing pallet to express your personal style.

The next generation of Inspire Me clogs will be available next year. You can view all our current available clog styles here.

Fall ’16 Symphony Collection

Although we’ll be sorry to see summer go, we’re so excited for the new Fall ’16 Symphony collection to launch in September! There are adorable booties, flats, and oxford styles in fun colors perfect for the season. Some of our styles are even waterproof: A rare feature in a comfort or fashion shoe.

The comfort system is very similar to that of the Summer Solestice sandals, but the Symphony collection features a removable footbed. Take a look at the features below!

fall 17 comfort

Stay tuned for a full reveal of the Symphony line coming soon! But, here’s a sneak peek to hold you over until then:

Fall 16 preview

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