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Dream a Little Bigger’s 4EurSole Lookbook

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Allison is a creative crafter who started the blog Dream a Little Bigger to share her projects and write about the things she loves. From DIY, to upcycling, to recipes and style, Allison’s blog explores all things colorful and fun. On her decision to begin blogging she said: “There is nothing more satisfying and productive than a life spent creating!”

Allison got a chance to try out our hemp Golden Day sandals and wrote about two different days she wore them for Dream a Little Bigger. On a breezy trip to the beach, Allison paired the sandals with a comfy tank top, a sweater, and a pair of rolled boyfriend jeans. She slipped on the Golden Day sandals again with a fun boho maxi dress on an outing to a local art show.

At the beach, Allison enjoyed how the memory foam in the Golden Day sandals forms to the shape of your foot. “The soles feel like they mold to your feet and you can comfortably walk for ages. Even in the sand I had no problems!” She also commented on the versatility of the tan and hemp style: “…Since my new pair fit in with a ton of my wardrobe, I can just throw my sandals on any time I know that I’m going to be walking for a while but I want to go around wearing something nicer… Because truthfully, comfort is a big deal for me.”

Allison wearing Golden Day 4EurSole Close Up Allison and Dog 

4EurSole Close Up 4EurSole Close Up

Allison also wore our Golden Day sandals to an art show paired with a colorful print maxi dress. Since her husband is an artist, she attends many of these events with his contemporaries in the art community. “…I was able to walk for ages in these sandals and feel perfectly comfortable…the sandals fit nice and snug without being over tight.”

Allison wearing Golden Day Allison wearing Golden Day

Allison on stairs  rocky-4eursole-night-dreamalittlebigger-007 edit

Which of Allison’s looks with our hemp Golden Day sandals is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! You can find Allison’s awesome crafts and projects on the blog Dream a Little Bigger, and on social on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.